About the Venue

Each year the International Oktoberfest takes place in Wroclaw’s Arsenal, a part of the City Museum of Wroclaw, on 9 Cieszynskiego Street and this year is no exception.

The City Arsenal, know as the St.Nicolas Arsenal, is one of the more interesting examples of burgher architecture in Wrocław. It was erected between 1459-1658 in the North-Western corner of the former city walls, in the vicinity of St. Nicolas Gate. The inner courtyard – garnished with the silhouettes of two towersand a well with a Mannerist  arch, is one of the most picturesque spots in Wrocław that often serves for music and theatre performances. In 1742 the Arsenal was nationalized and turned into military warehouses. The building destroyed during World War II, between 1945 – 1951 was provisionally secured and later rebuilt. Since 1971 it has served as the venue for the Section of Weapons (section of the Historical Museum). Since 2000 is the home of the sections of the City Museum of Wrocław: the Archaeological Museum and The Military Museum.

source: http://www.en.muzeum.miejskie.wroclaw.pl/CMS/muzeum_militariow/arsenal.html