Exclusive Apart Hotel and Exclusive Worldwide become the Product Sponsor of the IO2021!

For almost 15 years, EXCLUSIVE APARTHOTEL in Wroclaw, Warsaw and Cracow has been promoting a new quality of accommodation services, where the needs of business guests in a dynamically changing world always come first. How do we do it? By combining the best features of various forms of accommodation, we try to create an ideal place, both for short trips and long-term stays. We understand the business goals of our guests, so we make every effort to ensure that the EXCLUSIVE APARTHOTEL offer is an absolutely comfortable and effective background for their daily work.

From many years of passion for hospitality and relationships with our guests and business clients, we came up with an idea to open up to their corporate housing needs also beyond the EXCLUSIVE APARTHOTEL. This is how the EXCLUSIVE WORLDWIDE brand was created, which today supports companies in the processes of relocation and mobility of employees around the world. We provide high-quality medium- and long-term accommodation services in any and even the most sophisticated places. Understanding the essence of the projects accompanied by relocation, we help clients achieve their overriding business goal, being their effective support in many areas. We always offer tailor-made corporate housing services, according to client’s definition of needs. We successfully serve our Polish and international customers.