Escape to explore with Escape Vans

We’re small group of passionate travelers, open-minded designers and outdoor enjoyers. The Escape Vans adventure started three years ago when Przemek – who is the CEO now, after a few-months-trip in USA came up with the idea to design a module box for his first Renault Traffic van and convert into a campervan. He met Pawel, the main designer and Maciej – the owner ow CNC studio in Gdansk, together decided to prepare the first prototype and check the functionality in real use – by renting the Escape Vans during summer season.

So far the project has developed and currently in the team of eight we sell the Escape Box modules for Toyota Poland as well as individual clients.

Escape Box is a module which you plug into the trunk of your van to convert it into a comfortable, full-fledged campervan. This solution allows you to enter every space available for cars but thanks to our equipment you can still feel like home. Escape Box is available in several sizes and types ranging from a simple bed to a fully equipped module and it fits most vans, small and large. We are not able to adapt to every vehicle model, but we try to make our modular structure fit most popular passenger vans. Our idea for the installation does not require any modifications – just insert it into the car, screw it into the original mounting holes, connect it to the cigarette lighter socket and it’s ready!

For surfers, cyclists and those who need only a bed, a refrigerator and a small stove in their campervan, we have prepared a modular eco version – Eco Box. For those who plan longer trips into the wilderness, where for several days there will be no access to electricity, water and other elements of civilization, we have the Tour Box – containing a 23-liter water tank, gas cartridge stove, refrigerator and a super comfortable mattress. Just take some food and beverage with you and you are ready for a trip!

We’re more than open for your opinion, questions and suggestions.

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