Lorien Engineering Solutions (Lorien) is an engineering design and project management organization, which is a division of GP Strategies. With operations in Burton-on-Trent, UK, and Wrocław, Poland, Lorien has around 110 specialists who design and deliver manufacturing projects in the brewing, drinks, food, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing industries and who also support logistics networks for the retail sector.

Lorien is boosting its Wroclaw based team in Poland with ongoing appointments of graduate engineers.

Lorien Managing Director Łukasz Kolendowicz said: “At Lorien, we are proud to offer a varied experience for versitile young engineers who are supported by our senior team members. This benefits our business and develops our graduates’ professional careers.

Our graduate scheme is open to  students who are in the final year of their Masters’ Degree, or have recently graduated.”

Let’s listen to our young employees…

Sandra Sinka recently graduated from Technical University in Wroclaw (Faculty of Power Engineering) and joined the process team.

Sandra said: “I am excited that Lorien has given me an opportunity to be involved in the implementation phase of a new greenfield food factory and simultaneously get hands-on training in hygienic process design. This is a fascinating insight into project management within a complex client organisation.”

Ewelina Wąs recently graduated from Technical University in Wroclaw (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering- Process Equipment and first degree in chemical technology) and joined the process team.

Ewelina said: “The versatile range of project disciplines in my first Lorien assignment (master plan and conceptual process design for an international food manufacturer) will broaden my engineering capabilities. I am gaining valuable awareness about information exchange with other project team members responsible for building disciplines.”
Agata Stempniak recently graduated from Technical University in Wroclaw (Faculty of Civil Engineering) and joined the building design team.

Agata commented : “I joined Lorien while I was still a student. The company has given me the opportunity to combine my university studies  with my job responsibilities. I was gradually given more demanding tasks but always could count on support provided by more experienced colleagues.”

Magdalena Zagiczek recently graduated from Technical University in Wroclaw (Faculty of Civil Engineering) and joined the building design team.

Magda noted: “ I really enjoy friendly and informal working culture of the company. I have so far been  involved  in a number of projects and gained hands on knowledge of professional design software including 3D modelling. The company has offered me a permanent contract which is nowadays quite uncommon  in case of young employees.”

 Katarzyna Godlewska – student at the Technical University in Wroclaw (Faculty of Civil Engineering).

Katarzyna told us: ”I have spent 2 months with the company having my students’ practical training. Even in this short period of time I was given a few pieces of design work to do. These were my very first experiences and I have developed my working knowledge of software used.

I would like to continue my professional career with this company and certainly will submit my application when the time comes.”