Novelty and Tradition

We know that the original Bavarian Oktoberfest is most famous for its beer that’s why each year, at our Wroclaw event, we make sure to partner with some of the best breweries to present our guests with the opportunity to try out a wide variety of flavors, ranging from some more traditional, classic styles all the way to some more innovative beers.

This year, one of our partners, The Pivovsky Brewery promised to treat our guests to some of their one of a kind beers including: FRAGOLA (Strawberry Milkshake Ipa), VIBE (American Pale Ale), TWINSTER (Double Dry Hopped New England Ipa), ALOHA (Mango Apa), as well as TAHOMA (Black ipa).

At the same time, those of our guests who appreciate a more traditional beer taste will also be able to enjoy the classic Pilsner Urquell- brewed the same way, according to its original recipe since 1842, and to this day using the same local ingredients: soft Plzeň water, Žatec hops and pale barley malt.

We will soon be posting more about the other breweries that have already partnered with this year’s Wroclaw International Oktoberfest edition, so stay tuned!