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Global24 will help you with the foreign logistics of your e-store. We will deliver your order or collect your return in Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. We develop our logistics services only in those markets where we can guarantee you the highest level of buyer service. The eader in handling shipments to Great Britain (from 48 hours).

Our goal is for your online store in different parts of the world to be able to successfully compete in the global e-commerce market.
We like to share our knowledge, hence we organize the largest conference on cross-border in Poland –

We are here to create SOLUTIONS for you and your clients and to always be a STEP ahead.

“Every problem has a cause. There is a SOLUTION for every problem ”

– comment from our SEO Paweł Zakielarz:

“In e-commerce logistics, we have learned to constantly look for new SOLUTIONS. In order to help our Partners and always be one step ahead, we are glad that Global24 became one of the partners of International Oktoberfes. This will give us the opportunity to continue sharing our experience and promoting cross-border sales in Poland. ” – Paweł Zakielarz, Global24.

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