1. These Rules&Regulations define detailed rules of organisation, course and participation in the INTERNATIONAL OKTOBERFEST 2021 Event (hereinafter referred to as: “Event”).
2. The Organiser of the event (hereinafter referred to as: “Organiser”) are:
a) Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce with headquarters in Warsaw, ul. Miodowa 14, 00-246 Warsaw, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number: 93438, with a tax identification number (NIP): 5261029063, and number REGON: 010998491;

b) Brytyjsko Polska Izba Handlowa. with headquarters in Warsaw, ul. Zielna 37, 00-108 Warsaw, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000803344, with a tax identification number (NIP): 5252800783.

c) Skandynawsko- Polskie Usługi Sp. Z O. O., woith headquarters in ul. Marszałkowska 142, p.6 ; 00-061 Warszawa, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000256979, with a tax identification number (NIP): 5213390401.

3. The event will not be a mass event in the meaning of the of March 20th 2009 Act on the safety of mass events (Journal of Laws of 2017 item 1160) and is a closed event to which only persons authorized by the Organiser have access.
4. The event will take place on 10th September 2021, from 17.30 to 24.00 in Toya Golf&Country Club, ul. Rakowa 5, 55-114 Kryniczno, (hereinafter referred to as the “Toya golfcourse”).
5. These Regulations are valid at the whole area of the Toya golfcourse during the Event and for all people present at the Event, regardless of their function, i.e. participants, cleaning services, entities providing services at the Event, unless otherwise provided in the agreements concluded separately with these entities to ensure the proper course of the Event.
6. The Rules&Regulations define the conditions of participation and rules of behavior of people present at the Event, including:
a) admission to the Event;
b) duties of individuals participating in the Event;
c) prohibitions for people participating in the Event to respect;
d) the rights of the participant of the Event;
e) the rules of liability of individuals, including the participants of the Event, for behavior violating the binding legal order, including the provisions of these Rules&Regulations.
7. These Rules&Regulations do not exclude the binding of the Regulations of the Toya golfcourse, which people staying within Toya golfcourse premises during the Event are obliged to respect.
8. Regulations of the Toya golfcourse are made available by the Administrator on the information board located in the Toya golfcourse.

§ 2

1. The Participants of the Event are employees and business partners of Member Companies by the definition of the Organiser’s statute (hereinafter referred to as “Member Companies”), people invited by Member Companies and other participants, provided that the Organisers confirms the participation in a positive response (hereinafter: “Participant”) .
2. To participate in the Event it is necessary to register via form available on the event website (
3. Due to the limited number of participants in the Event, the order of applications will decide about the initial booking of the invitation and participation. The Organisers will immediately inform people who, despite willing to participate in the Event, will not be able to take part in it.
4. Confirmation of participation is a personal invitation (hereinafter referred to as: “Personal Invitation”) received by post or e-mail.
5. Entering the premises of the Event takes place only after the Participant has provided the Invitation. A personal invitation can not be given to another person.
6. People who do not have a Personal Invitation will not be able to participate in the Event, subject to paragraph 7 below.
7. In justified cases, the Organiser reserves the right to allow persons who do not have a Personal Invitation to participate in the Event.
8. Due to the restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Organizer has the right to request at the entrance: the presentation of a certificate of acceptance of two doses of vaccination (the second dose at least 14 days before the planned Event), or a Covid passport, or a certificate of the Covid convalescent status or a negative Covid test -19 not older than 48 ha before the planned event.
9. In the absence of an appropriate certificate or refusal to present it, the Organizer has the right to refuse the Participant the entry to the Event area.
10. Completing and sending the Application Form is tantamount to expressing the willingness of the Participant to participate in the Event, as well as confirmation of getting acquainted with these Rules&Regulations along with its acceptance.
11. The participant may at any time resign from participation in the Event.


1. The Organiser provides Participants of the Event with access to all events taking place during the Event.
2. The Organiser is entitled to introduce any changes to the Event organisation, including the change of the program (both artistic and timewise) without notice and compensation.
3. During the Event, individuals authorized by the Organiser and possessing personal identifiers will collect business cards from Participants interested in maintaining contact with the Organisers and receiving information about their activities. The handing over of One’s business card is voluntary and each handed over business card should contain only commonly available data which the Participant certifies through the act of giving his/her business card to the Organiser.
4. It is forbidden to bring and possess during the Event:
a. weapons or other dangerous items,
b. explosives,
c. pyrotechnic articles,
d. flammable materials,
e. alcoholic beverages,
f. narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or acting similarly.
5. It is forbidden to introduce animals to the premises of the Event.
6. It is forbidden to devastate and destroy the Toya golfcourse’s facility and its surroundings, as well as all devices located at the premises of the Event.
7. The Organiser may refuse entrance and/or remaining at the Event premises to people:
a) under the influence of alcohol, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs or other similar substances,
b) possessing weapons or other dangerous objects, explosives, pyrotechnic articles, flammable materials, alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances and other similar substances,
c) behaving aggressively, provocatively or otherwise posing a threat to the safety or order of the Event,
f) refusing to undergo inspection (checking entitlements, presenting identification, luggage or clothing content search),
8. Participants of the Event and all other individuals remaining at the premises of the Event are obliged to comply with the instruction and information from the security service and from the Organiser. Refusal to comply with these instructions may result with the exclusion of the Participant from the Event.
9. Participants of the Event may be subjected to the inspection performed by the authorized security services during the admission to the Event and its duration. Such control may refer in particular to the observance of breaching rules referred to in §3 art. 3 and 4 of these Rules&Regulations.
10. Due to the closed nature of the Event, the use of cameras, phone recorders and other audio-video devices for commercial purposes during the Event, in particular taking pictures or recording other participants, is prohibited.
11. The Organiser reserves the right to provide photographic service to the Event and to record the course of the Event, including the behavior of people using video and sound recording devices.
12. Participation in the Event is tantamount to consent to the performance and publication of photos with the image of the Participant on the public website of each of the Organisers and on other websites, social networks, as well as in advertising and information materials and newspapers in the context of the Event. The consent to distribute the Participant’s image may be withdrawn at any time after the publication of the photos by sending a written statement together with the specification of the publication place and a description enabling identification of the person and photo to the following address: or or contact @ io
13. The Organiser is not responsible for lost, destroyed, left behind or stolen items of the of the Participants during the Event.


1. Each Participant of the Event may participate in promotional campaigns and knowledge contest about the activities of the Organisers and sponsors of the Event (hereinafter referred to as “Sponsors”).
2. Participation in promotional campaigns and in the competition is voluntary and free of charge.
3. The knowledge contest about the activities of the Organisers and Sponsors will take place on the main stage. In order to take part in it each Participant needs to take the competition participation form at the entrance to the Event. A condition of participation in the Competition is to submit the form by 20.55 at the place indicated by the Organiser along with a minimum of three stamps obtained at the Sponsors’ positions, which will be located on the map attached to the competition form. Only the collection of at least three such stamps entitles One to participate in the competition. Each selected person after verification whether the competition form meets the requirements, in particular whether it contains at least three stamps obtained at Sponsors’ posts, one question from the commission will be asked and after a correct answer, the facilitator will provide (i) a material reward and – in the scope determined by Sponsor (ii) a monetary prize to cover the tax liability arising from the transfer of the prize. The contest committee chosen by the Organiser and publicly announced Participants will watch over the course of the competition and verify the answers provided during its course
4. Other promotional actions will be carried out by Sponsors in the place and time appointed by the Organisers.


1. Co-administrators within the meaning of art. 26 of Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (hereinafter: “RODO “) Personal data of Participants processed in connection with the organisation of the Event, including data indicated in the Application Forms and the list of guests to be present at the Event and data contained on business cards, is the Organiser within the meaning of §1 par. 2 of the Regulations, i.e. (i) the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce with its registered office in Warsaw, at ul. Miodowa 14, (ii) Scandinavian-Polish Services with its registered office in Warsaw, at ul. Marszałkowska 142 and (iii) Brytyjsko Polska Izba Handlowa registered in Warsaw at Zielna 37. Event Participant data will be processed for the purposes of and to the extent: (i) necessary for the Event, whose main function is the integration of participants, an inseparable element of their ordinary business activities, (ii) conducting direct marketing and (iii) providing information about the content and services offered The Organisers and their member companies.

2. Each of the co-administrators will be obliged to fully fulfill the obligations arising from the ROPP and is fully responsible for administering personal data. Due to the fact that the co-controllers will jointly set the goals and methods of processing the personal data of the Participants, the term Organiser used in the further part of these Regulations should be applied to each of them.
3. In all matters related to the processing of personal data for the purposes of the Event, a contact point is designated: e-mail:
4. In connection with the organisation of the Event, the Organiser will process personal data of the Participants, such as: name and surname, company, position, image, e-mail address, telephone number.
5. Personal data will be processed on the basis of art. 6 par. 1 lit. a) RODO. Appropriate consents to the processing of data, in particular in connection with the sending of the Application Form and inclusion on the attendance list will be expressed separately by the Participants in the Application Form.
6. The Organiser as data administrator in accordance with art. 6 par. 1 lit. c) and f) the WEEE will also process the personal data of the Participants in order to: (i) fulfill the obligations arising from tax and accounting regulations; and (ii) exercise the right to assert and defend claims for the activities conducted by the Organiser and participation in the Event.
7. The processing of personal data will include operas
7. The processing of personal data will include operations performed on personal data, such as collection, recording, storage, processing, sharing and disposal.
8. Due to the necessity of proper organisation of the Event, personal data may be transferred to the following categories of recipients, who provide services supplying the Organiser with technical and organisational solutions, in particular legal and advisory services providers supporting the Organiser (eg external law firm or tax advisors) and a security company that supervises the orderly course of the event.
9. Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area.
10. Personal data will be stored for the period necessary for the proper performance of the Organiser’s obligations resulting from the Event in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. Personal data may also be kept during the prescription period of any claims. Personal data will be stored for marketing purposes for the duration of the legal basis and the purpose of processing this data.
11. Providing personal data is voluntary. Without providing data, it is not possible to participate in the Event.
12. To the extent provided for by law, Participants have the right to access data, rectify, request their removal or limit their processing, as well as the right to transfer data to another administrator. The person making the data available for the purposes of the Event has the right to file a complaint to the body supervising compliance with personal data protection regulations (the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection).


1. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the Event without prior notice, due to reasons for which the Organiser is not responsible. In such a case, the Participant shall only be entitled to reimbursement of the fee incurred in order to acquire the right to participate in the Event referred to in §2 para. 8 of the Regulations.
2. The Organiser has the right to change the date, place and program of the Event for important reasons.
3. The Organiser reserves the right to change these Rules&Regulations, about which he will always inform on the following website: