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Browar Stu Mostów

We started with dreams which – powered by our belief in success – quickly became goals, now largely fulfilled. Thus, new and high quality in Polish craft brewing has become over time our share too. The whole team of talented, hardworking and passionate people, whose persistent work and creativity we are invariably proud of, contributed to this achievemnt.

Browar Stu Mostów has already taken root in the Wrocław and we feel that its inhabitants have fallen in love with the rich brewing tradition of this city that we have revived. From the very beginning, the mission of Browar Stu Mostów has been to offer the best beers with the ambition to become the leaders of the craft beer market in Poland and in the world. Striving for perfection, we brew for those who expect something more, want to enjoy life to the fullest and enjoy every moment, here and now.

Drawing on the tradition of brewing, the culture of meeting over beer and the experiences of our friends from Poland and abroad, as well as observing contemporary needs and social problems – we forged the identity of Browar Stu Mostów today. We know how important it is to ensure the safe future for us and future generations. That is why we take a demanding road to the environmentally responsible production and distribution of beer, we successively limit the consumption of resources and energy, and in our kitchen we follow the Zero Waste principle.

We want our beers and the idea behind them to become a contribution to discussions on respect, equality and shared responsibility for the shape of the world in which we live. Hence, the creation of the most beautiful bridges between people, cities and countries, as well as between history, present and future, completes the canon of our values. We treat this manifesto not only as a map for our development, but also as a commitment we make towards ourselves and the community of good taste enthusiasts from around the world.


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