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Browar Witnica

The Witnica Brewery has been in the beer business continuously since 1848. The only beer manufacturer in the region, the brewery continues its traditions and brews beer in accordance with the principles of the art, based on traditional recipes and natural ingredients.

The quality of our beers is appreciated by not only consumers but also juries in various beer competitions organized in Poland and abroad, where the Lubuskie  brands receive numerous awards and medals.

We belong to the Polish Regional Breweries Association restricting its membership to regional breweries complying with the Good Beer Code.

Our beers are included in the Traditional Products Register maintained by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The range of our products is so wide that everybody will surely find a beer to their liking or, who knows, maybe even to their loving.

You are welcome to visit our brewery and discover the pleasures of the Lubuskie beers.

More info about visiting The Witnica Brewery and our Museum:


LUBUSKIE JASNE (alc. 6.1%, shelf life: 12 weeks)

Light, natural, non-pasteurized beer. Brewed by means of traditional methods, it retains the untouched resources of vitamins and microelements coming from malt and hops.

WITNICKI PORTER (alc. 8.5%, shelf life: 36 weeks)

Representing the Baltic porter style, this beer is the pride and secret of the Witnica Brewery master brewer. It owes its exceptional taste to the long storage period and the high content of extracts. Brewed from caramel malts, light malt, hops and water, it is a regional product awarded in numerous competitions.

LUBUSKIE IPA (alc. 5.6%, shelf life: 16 weeks)

Top-fermented, unfiltered, pasteurized beer. Brewed from American hops giving it citrus, spicy and floral flavours as well as distinct bitterness, it delights the consumer with its taste and smell.

LUBUSKIE CHERRY BEER (alc. 4.2%, shelf life: 12 weeks)

Beer based on natural cherry juice, added at an early stage of production, which allowed for a perfect combination of the taste of fruit with the delicate bitterness of fresh hops.

LUBUSKIE MANGO FREE (<0.5% alc., shelf life 16 weeks)

Non-alcoholic beer that is a delicious composition of sweet, juicy Mango fruit with slightly bitter Lubuski beer. Perfect for hot summer days.

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