A unique opportunity to taste Grape by Orson delicacies during IO2023!

The menu, based on local products, will be an original collage of exclusive flavors and culinary traditions that we bring from home, from childhood … and which always taste good. Today, Polish producers create exceptional food, it is worth taking pride in the quality of their products and experiencing pleasure while tasting them. At Grape, we want to offer this culinary experience both for the guests of our hotel and the guests of the restaurant itself, e.g. for the inhabitants of Wrocław, to emphasize how unique the region they live in.

A man-institution who practically devoted his entire life to gastronomy, regardless of anything. His story began 16 years ago in London, and has traveled through many star restaurants, including two recognized as the best in the world as Noma and Geranium. In recent years, although he was mainly associated with Poznań, he devoted himself to creating new concepts throughout the country. Its fullness of taste, expression and unconventional thinking have become part of the canon of the new wave of Polish gastronomy. He doesn’t like fine dining, because he claims that the neo-bistro look at gastronomy meets all the elements that food can provide, i.e.: taste, appearance, and above all, satiation. How does he know so much about Wrocław? – because he already lived here and worked in a 5-star hotel. He comes from the region, hence the wide knowledge and appreciation for the products of Lower Silesia and the Lubusz Land. He returns to develop something new, in local gastronomy, the art of hospitality and in his own life.