The Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone is the Platinum Sponsor of IO2023!

The Walbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST-PARK” is one of the largest and fastest-growing economic zone in Central and Eastern Europe. Our portfolio includes attractive real estate and perfectly communicated investment areas located in south-western Poland, in the direct vicinity of the Czech Republic and Germany.

As the operator of the Polish Investment Zone, we support companies in obtaining favourable tax exemptions. Thanks to cooperation with the “INVEST-PARK”, entrepreneurs can benefit from unique PIT and CIT income tax exemptions. We offer a simple support mechanism, guaranteed by the state, which allows to obtain tax exemptions of up to 60% of the investment value.

We believe that investments should be accessible to everyone, which is why We address our offer to small and family-run enterprises, as well as large – multinational international organizations.

The Walbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST-PARK” also offers modern and scalable industrial and warehouse halls and comprehensive post-investment care (training and competence development, support in foreign development abroad and a joint purchasing group ensuring savings in the purchase of energy and utilities).

In southern Poland, we are developing region’s most modern Innovation Centre – a technology park based on Industry 4.0 standards offering a training base and expert support in the field of robotization and automation.

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