During IO2023, we will once again have the opportunity to try the excellent beers from PROST Brewery!

PROST is a family-owned brewpub, one of the pioneers on the craft beer scene in Wrocław. For years, it has successfully upheld the brewing traditions of our region, as evidenced by awards in Craft Beer Competitions.

In a small brewery located in the northern part of the city, beer is brewed from carefully selected ingredients, both in traditional forms and in limited batches of innovative styles.

PROST Brewpub offers:

  • Beer tastings in a unique atmosphere
  • Brewery tours
  • PROST cuisine dishes that perfectly complement the beer’s flavor

PROST Brewpub Restaurant is a place with an extraordinary atmosphere and unmatched ambiance. The basis of the served cuisine consists of seasonal products. While regularly enriched, a constant menu is always available on-site.

Each season, a SEASONAL MENU is introduced, created from the finest and fresh ingredients, aiming to warm during the cold months and provide refreshment in the summer.

In the Brewpub restaurant, guests can also enjoy excellent craft beer, produced from scratch in the brewery.

PROST Brewery is also an ideal venue for corporate meetings and team-building events. Depending on the number of people and the nature of the gathering, conference rooms and a dance floor are available to customers.

The large hall, accommodating up to 130 people, is designed for larger corporate events, where employees can enjoy a delicious meal, dance freely, and have fun on the spacious dance floor.